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Wheels for HOPE is started by 2 brothers, CK Chan and Gin Kai in 2012. It began as a ground-up movement, together with several bike enthusiasts, to turn their passion for cycling into a positive cause. WFH is a registered company, fully self-funded by its founding members. WFH is run by volunteers and our Cambodia and the Phillippines trips usually happen in the June and  Dec holiday period. Contact us for info about our next trip.

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Wheels for HOPE is self-funded and run by volunteers
Chan Gin Kai


Roger Low

Finance / Accounting

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CK Chan

Founder & Director

Danny Lee

Logistics & Planning


Cambodia Coordinator

Frank Foo


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Newpaper Sept 2012 (enlarge)

Newpaper Nov 2013 (enlarge)

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Program Name: Going Miles, Spreading Smiles

Telecast Date: March 2017 on Channel U, Mediacorp Singapore

Series Description
With a heart to help and a vision to transform lives, these individuals take their initiative to travel abroad and start their own charitable project, going the extra mile, to spread more smiles. These volunteers give back to society in different methods, such as, through donation, education, imparting skills, infrastructure construction and providing employment opportunities, with the aim to help the impoverished. Each individual has his or her own story and ways of helping, but they all share the same common goal – to uplift lives in developing countries and improve the well-being of people in a sustainable and tangible way.

Episode Description
An initiative that started in 2012 by two brothers Chong Kai & Gin Kai, "Wheels for HOPE" brings bicycles to the disadvantaged and impoverished rural communities in Cambodia

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Cambodia’s poor people number almost 4.8 million and 90 percent of them are in rural areas. Rural villagers have the least access to education, health, and other public services because of poor infrastructures and lack of resources in areas where it matters most.

In close collaboration with Hope Cambodia, Wheels for HOPE raises funds for bicycles, which are then distributed to these rural communities. As CK Chan, Co-founder of Wheels for Hope explains,

"Rural communities lack many things: sanitation, water, healthcare. Transportation forms a big component of their daily costs, so by giving them a bicycle, it gives them an opportunity to then use the bicycle as a form of transport to get to work, to school.”

Many of the beneficiaries are school children in rural Cambodian communities. Each bicycle sponsored helped a young rural Cambodian transverse the 3 to 5 kilometers of roads to get to school. It enables the student to go to school and motivates them to complete their education, an important enabler out of the poverty trap. The benefits extend to the recipient’s family as well.

“A bicycle can do so much. We had previously distributed bicycles to HIV-infected patients, so they can go to the hospital for treatment. They constantly need medication, and the bicycles enable them to obtain the medication. We have also given bicycles to families who can now bring their produce to the market, to supplement their income,”
- CK Chan - Founder / Director.

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