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1. How does this work?

Working in close collaboration with Hope Worldwide Cambodia, Wheels for Hope raises funds to purchase bicycles in Cambodia which are distributed to impoverished and disadvantaged recipients. Through the Hope Cambodia's team of dedicated social workers, the families most in need of a bicycle are identified, and the bicycles are distributed once a year.


2. Who benefits from the donations and why bicycles?

Bicycles make a big practical difference to the lives of ordinary Cambodians. Cambodia’s poor people number almost 4.8 million and more than 90 percent of them are in rural areas. Rural villagers have the least access to education, health, and other public services because of poor infrastructures and lack of resources in areas where it matters most.


A bicycle will help a student cover the 5 to 7 kilometers journey to get to school. It enables the student to go to school and motivates them to complete their education, an important enabler out of the poverty trap. The benefits extend to the recipient’s family as well, who use it to sell produce and obtain other supplies. It also benefits poor people saddled with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. Many do not seek care and treatment in city hospitals because they cannot afford the cost of travel and accommodation for the many months of treatment required. The bicycles help the recipients get to medical appointments and the transport costs saved will offset their living expenses.



3. Can I personally give the bicycles to the recipients in Cambodia?

  The team makes an annual trip to Cambodia and distributes the bicycles to various villages and impoverished communities. All expenses are borne by individuals. If you are keen to join in the trip, please join our Facebook group and get updated with our latest campaigns. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will be in touch.

4. How many trips do we make a year and when?
Typically, the team makes 2 trips a year to Daanbantayan (Philippines) and Cambodia. These trips happen in June and December every year during the school holidays. Check out our Facebook group for the latest trip details.




5. How do we ensure that the bicycles are not sold off or misused by the recipients?
We do not merely distribute the bicycles and disappear! Social workers and volunteers from the home care team from Hope Worldwide Cambodia continue to follow up and stay in touch with the families, helping to meet other needs over the longer term.



6. How much is a bicycle?




2. What are the methods of payment?
Click here to sponsor a bike with credit card payment.

For cheque payment, please address to "Wheels for Hope". Indicate your contact details on the back of the cheque and mail to:

Wheels for HOPE
996 Bendemeer Road, #06-06
Singapore 339944 


3. Can I donate anonymously?

Of course! We understand your desire for privacy and we take it very seriously. We will still ask for your name and email for administrative purposes, but we won’t label the bicycle with your name or made it known to the recipients. You will still receive "thank you" emails, but the people behind the project will not know your name or any personal information.




4. Can I donate books or clothing too?

Yes, we are open to accepting items that will improve the lives of the recipients.



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